Unleashed LLC

Frequently Asked Questions

Are you a licensed pet treat manufacturer?

Unleashed LLC is licensed by the VA Department of Agriculture. All treats baked by our company have been tested by New Jersey Feed Lab, Inc. and analyzed for fat, protein, fiber & moisture. All treats baked for us by other companies have also been tested. Our current list of treat suppliers are listed below – please refer to their websites for specific information:

Bubba Rose – www.bubbarose.com

Pawduke Treats - www.pawduketreats.com

TailBangers – www.tailbangers.com

Smoky Mountain Dog Bakery – www.smokymountaindogbakery.com

Also, a list of ingredients and guaranteed analysis accompany each treat on our online website. If there is a treat that you believe our bakery should carry, please submit a Contact Form and let us know!

What forms of payment do you accept?

Our online store only accepts major credit cards/debit cards – Discover, MasterCard, VISA & American Express. Our Mobile Bakery accepts the same cards as well as cash. We do not accept checks. 

If I'm local, may I pick up my order to save on shipping?

Unleashed LLC is a home-based business - therefore, we do not offer pick-up service from our home - but to avoid shipping costs, please visit our Local Events page to see where in Southwest Virginia our Mobile Bakery will be set up next! 

Why don't you bake all of your treats?

Originally, we did bake all of our treats – but we quickly learned that we do not own the proper equipment to process a high quantity of dog treats. Luckily, we have trusted bakeries who do & who are willing to bake treats for us! If there is a treat that you believe our bakery should carry, please submit a Contact Form and let us know!

What is the shelf life of your treats?

All of our classic treats have a shelf life of 6 months. All of our gourmet treats have a shelf life of 6 weeks, but must be stored in a cool, dry place. Of course, we never recommend going 6 months without sharing with your dogs! 

How are your treats packaged?

Our treats are layered with bubble wrap and wax paper to protect against breakage. Sometimes during the shipping process, breakage simply cannot be helped. For more information regarding breakage, please refer to our Shipping & Returns policy. 

What if my order arrives damaged?

For damaged treats, please refer to our Shipping & Returns policy.

What if I don't like what I ordered?

Our return policy differs between our bakery & boutique items. For specific return information, please refer to our Shipping & Returns policy. 

Are there any preservatives in your treats? 

We promise to only supply treats that are 100% preservative-free. 

What is Carob?

Carob is an alternative to chocolate that is safe for animal consumption!

Will my treats melt?

Unfortunately, our bakery items are “ship at your own risk.” We cannot be held responsible for melted treats due to hot temperatures – mostly because we cannot determine the weather where treats will be shipped. 

Why are there sprinkles?

Yes, some of our treats contain sprinkles – but all of our treats are just that: treats! All of the treats that we supply are preservative-free and made with simple ingredients, but let’s face it - everybody (and dog) deserves the occasional sprinkle!